Initial Glow State Not Changing on Click

Sep 21, 2023

Hi All,

I'm wondering if this is a bug? I have an object set to initally glow to let learner know where to click. But after clicking, I want the glow to go way. The state is changing to visited, but the glow is still there. 

Any help is much appreciated. 



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Richard Watson


it might be a bug, but in the meantime, try this to address it.

1. Select the Plan image on the slide

2. Open States on the timeline

3. Select the Edit States button

4. Select the "Selected" state

*5. Go to Shape Effect and select Glow and then No Glow

6. Click Done to close the States panel.

*Even though it says there is no glow effect on the "Selected State," select No Glow again