Inrteractive Marker Not Expanding

Feb 05, 2015

I am working in a class with some students, and am showing them how to use interactive markers in Storyline 1. For most, using the markers was simple. For some,  however, the markers did not expand in edit mode, so students couldn't add content; in preview mode, the text area of the markers show up but looked narrow.

Anyone seen this before? 

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Cody Salinas

Hey, Ken.

I've encountered this before. An aspect I do enjoy with markers is how each pulses and calls a learner's attention but like you said, editing the marker content is sometimes finicky. If you want to stick with markers, I would suggest checking the student's course design dimensions, or the student's monitor resolution.

I started using alternatives for markers that have the same functionality and simplicity. Check out the example I've uploaded. I use a "Loading" .gif and layer that behind an icon. When the learner hovers the mouse over the icon, a tooltip appears that mimics a marker.



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