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I am trying to find out if it is possible to trigger an inserted mouse?

I can insert the mouse and know how to format it, but I don’t want the action to start unless a user clicks a button. 

It will not insert into a layer, so as of now, I am duplicating the slide and triggering it that way (To many steps in this project for this method).

If anyone has any suggestion I would greatly appreciate it,



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Mike Taylor

Hi Anthony. What if you have a layer that is on from the start of the slide (set to pause the base layer timeline) and the put the button you want to trigger the mouse on that layer?  The button could hide the layer and unpause the timeline which would activate the mouse. Could something like that possibly work?

Anthony Moser

Sorry for the my delayed response,

That is a good idea but not sure if it would work with all the steps I am doing, (plus I’m not that experienced)

What I have is a software simulation (due to the nature of the information I cannot post it)

I’ve created a layout so the primary slide is set at a medium knowledge level, meaning the user should know how to work the system and is taking the CBT for a refresher.

Even though the CBT is set up for a user with experience it can also be used by a beginner.

The user has the option to see each step and be guided through the process. If the user cannot find where to click there is button when clicked will display the location of the step. This is where I wanted to use the mouse insert. So it may or may not be selected.

I’m not sure if my explanation makes sense  

 I do appreciate your feedback.

Thank you,