Insert mouse cursor huge problems

Jun 08, 2021

HI, this is getting really frustrating:  for so many  newer version of updates in articulate this particular issue has not been even dealt with.

the problem:
I insert cursor from the Insert -> Mouse -cursor


It inserts it ok, BUT here is the problem:


1. 50-80 % ot the time when I click on the Format tab  the ENTER FROM option becomes greyed out , and I am unable to choose the direction.
but that is not the worst part, the worst part is that when i try to move the cursor mouse to the desired place the animation path shortens and practically disappears.


ALSO please  solve this issue as well

the mouse appears throughout the entire timeline instead of appearing at the desired place.

I cannot provide you with the story file but if you need to replicate:


1. start with a new slide

2. place any image

3. Insert -> Insert -> Mouse -cursor

4. open a new slide insert ANOTHER image and try to insert cursor again and see if the enter from option is not available.

Because of this option i have to create a transparent mouse cursor, record the audio click, animate the cursor effect and the align all of these at each and every slide.

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Becca Levan

Hi Mehdi,

Sorry this has become a frustration for you, and I'm happy you reached out so we can work through this together!

Let's start with the first issue where the Enter From selector is greyed out:

  • When working with mouse cursors, the previous slide already determines the direction of the mouse movement. When you have consecutive slides with mouse cursors, the end point of the first will be the beginning point of the next.

For the second issue where the cursor appears throughout the entire timeline:

  • A mouse cursor is visible for the entire duration of a slide. However, you can change when its movement starts and ends. You can also make it slow down before the end of its path. Here's more info on that!

I'm staying tuned to hear if this helps you out!