Multiple "Enter From" effects on one presentation

Jan 20, 2015

Hi!  I am building my first storyline file and I have two separate slides, each with a mouse cursor.  I am able to set up the first mouse cursor just fine, and I am able to toggle the direction from where the mouse enters (this occurs on slide 4.4), however, when I add a new mouse cursor on the following slide, I find that I am unable to change any of the "Enter From" options on this new mouse.  The options "Enter From" is grayed out and will not accept any manipulation. 

Fearing the worst case scenario, I went to the previous slide (4.4) and deleted my mouse cursor.  I then found that I was able to edit the "Enter From" option on the next slides mouse.  I then went ahead and tried to enter a new mouse cursor onto a different scene (5.1) and found that I was able to edit the "Enter From" option.  So, my question is this:  Will Storyline only allow me to have one Mouse cursor per slide that has a specialized "Enter From" location?  This seems like a pretty silly restriction and I hope that I am just overlooking something.  Does anyone have any advice?  Thank you so much for your help in advance! 

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Emily Ruby

Hello Peter, welcome to the community.

You can read about using Mouse Cursors here.

If the Enter From selector is grayed out, it's because the path direction is already determined by the previous slide. When you have multiple consecutive slides with mouse cursors, the end point of the first will be the beginning point of the next.

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