Inserting HTML5 flipbooks into the resources tab in the player of Articulate Storyline

Hi Everyone

I have Articulate storyline 2 and we have recently purchased Flipbooks (Fliphtml5).

I can add a flipbook to my LMS but I was wondering if anyone has added a flipbook as a resource in a storyline file.  When I add it to my LMS I unzip it and select the index.html as the main one and it opens.  When I add this file as a resource in Articualte it doesn't work.

Is this even possible?  If so, can someone please tell me how as I would love to use this functionality.

Thanks, Robyn

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Robyn Lambell

Hi Christie and Matthew, thank you for your feedback and advice.  I had worked out I needed to add it as a web object but what I specifically wanted to do was list it (a flipbook I had already created from flipbook software) in the resource tab and I wasn't able to work out how to do that as it didn't appear to be an option.  I could only link a url or to a file, even when I extracted the files from the zip folder it didn't work.
What I discovered from a colleague who had downloaded a free storyline template from eLearning heroes was that I could add another resources tab (not just tick the box in the player) and link it to a slide and then put the web objects on there.  But effectively the files are available from the resources tab which is what I wanted.
So thanks again guys and thank you to eLearning Heroes.

Cheers, Robyn