StoryLine 3 Resource files not stored in the .story file

Dec 07, 2021

It looks like StoryLine 3 does not store the Resource files with the .story file.  When I add a Resource in the Player and it is a file, I cannot find that file in the .story file.

Q1: Can anyone confirm that this is true, that the Resource files are not included in the .story file?

If that is the case, when we archive the .story file, we also have to archive all of the Resource files as well. 

Q2. If StoryLine 3 does note store the file, does it store a relative or absolute path to the Resource Files?  This will affect where the archived Resource files have to be when we up-rev a course at a later date.


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Colin Davis

I have since found the "playerProps.xml file" which includes a "<resources" tag where the files are described, as you say, using an absolute path.

So if my colleague sends me a .story file to work on:

  1. They must also send me all of the resource files separately
  2. I have to delete all of the Resources in the Player and create them again, because the path to the file will be different on the 2 different PCs

This is a pain!  I seem to remember in an earlier version of StoryLine that the resource files were included in the .story file, but I can't prove that.

I will put a feature request in to have an option to "Include resource files in the .story file."

Colin Davis

It is a pain, and I'm sure it used to store the files.

At the very least, StoryLine should give a pop-up warning on Publish, telling you that some Resource files could not be found.  They are attempting to copy the file during Publish so they could easily issue a warning.

Preferably, I would want to see both a warning of missing files, and an option to include resource files with the .story file.