Inserting motion path on an oversized jpg

Apr 05, 2020

Hi, I'm trying to do a Ken Burns style pan down an old newspaper story (in Storyline 360), so I want to hold at the top of the article for a few seconds, then have the jpg of the article move upward along a straight line motion path to the bottom of the jpg so the reader can read the article, but I can't get it to move all the way along the image (which is much taller than the slide). I think it's only moving the height of the slide.  Articulate isn't giving me any handles or lines to control where the motion path stops and where it starts. I can't even save the motion path, it keeps disappearing! Please help! 

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Walt Hamilton

The handles are very difficult to see, but there are about 10 motion paths on the picture. They seem to be centered on the "d" of "outrageous conduct". They are easier to see if you recolor the graphic to a lighter color while you are working on the motion line.Once I deleted them and their four triggers, I was able to create one from scratch. Something else that helped me was to zoom out to 10%, so I could see all of the graphic and all of the motion line.

Michael Fairbairn

Hi Walt, thanks, that gets me about halfway there. However, I'm not able to get the startpoint and the endpoint to stay where I put them! After I preview the slide, they revert to where the program inserted them. How do I get them to stick?


Michael Fairbairn, CBCP

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