Inserting Quizmaker quiz so user must complete to continue

May 25, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I am currently updating a module made with Studio into Storyline and have inserted the relevent quiz.

In Studio it was set so the user would have to pass the quiz before they could view the next lot of content. Looking in the options in Storyline and through the tutorials i can't see how to set this same thing in Storyline.

Can someone let me now how to set a quiz, or even independent slides to have to be viewed for a user to progress through the module.


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James Brandwood

Jeannette that is fantastic!

I haven't played with variables yet, but they really open up the scope of what you can do. This process, while having a number of steps is so much better than the way Studio does it as I assume this process could be applied to any slides, media or interactions you want to ensure a person has viewed fully before they can continue.

Thanks for the attached file to backwards engineer - the only problem now is that I am in danger of spending way too many hours playing with variables.

James Brandwood

Jeanette the process to get this working is easier than it sounds and it works perfectly, even with a variety of different slide masters in place.

I love that the layers you set for the 'must complete the quiz' notification in the slide mater view don't actually appear in the slide layers in the normal view which makes this easy to apply to any project retrospectively.

I do have one queary however. When you go to a slide and get the 'must complete quiz' notification the slide still marks off on the menu as having been visted too. It's probably a bridge too far, but is there a way to make it not be displayed as viewed?

James Brandwood

It seems I spoke to soon.

It does work wonderfully if you are not using an inserted Engage interaction (which totally ignores the 'must complete quiz' layer and shows as normal) or if you are using a slide that shows media, which just plays in the background behind your notification. This would be ok if you don't have audio but I do and felt it would seem like an error if it played while the was a screen effectively saying it wouldn't.

I did try to use "pause/stop media" triggers if the passed quiz variable was false, but suprisingly this didn't work. They do have to be applied directly to the slide and not master slides so you can pick which media you want to pause/stop.

I did consider putting a 'play' button on the first slide that would prevent the media playing but in this case it didn't match the module I am making and wouldn't fix the imported engage interaction.

To get around it I modified Jeannette's trigger on the slide master to 'Jump to slide'...

 rather than, 'Show Layer'. Which I admit isn't as visually appealing as Jeannette's trigger but it stopped the media playing and for reasons I don't understand worked for imported engage interactions.

Obviously I hid the 'must complete quiz' slide on the menu.

I hope this helps others. 

Jeanette Brooks

Great solution for your situation, James! Thanks for sharing that!

And you're totally right, the layer trick won't work on imported Engage interactions. Those are treated as web objects - and web objects will always display on top of any other slide content (including layers). So what's happening is, the layer is actually displaying but it's being covered up by the Engage interaction which will always sit on top of everything else.

Regarding the issue with audio playing despite the layer popping up... yeah, it seems like this should work if, on your layer within the slide master layout, you adjust the layer properties to "Pause timeline of base layer"... however, I gave that a try and it doesn't seem to be working. I'll go ahead and submit that to the dev team, so thank you for bringing that up!

James Brandwood

I have tried this in reverse - making it so a quiz cannot be completed unless you have viewed the content related to the quiz.

I have done this by making a variable called 'Media1' and setting it at false. It is made true by a trigger attached to a click box that the user has to select to progress through the training.

The only problem is that it doesn't work. When you attempt to do the quiz the layer pops up saying you must view the media, but then when you view the media and select the click box that changes the variable, it has no effect.

Is there a problem with setting variables to click boxes?

James Brandwood

Just tried this with the trigger to change the variable to true, being the end of a slides timeline with no success either. The slide has to be viewed all the way through and progresses on completion so the trigger should have been tripped.

BTW the above graphic states 'Media 3' as I orignially had 3 'media' triggers to ensue content was being viewed. 

Jeanette Brooks

Hi James... hard to say what's going on without seeing the actual file, but I did notice your trigger is dependent upon the learner clicking an object called "Rectangle 1"... was that your intention? By your description it sounded more like you have a checkbox button that you are wanting the learner to use ... maybe the trigger is attached to the wrong object? If you'd like to attach the file here I'd be happy to dig around a bit in it and see if I can help!

James Brandwood

Hi Jeannette,

Yes the trigger is supposed to be attached to the rectangle, which I erroneously called a click box earlier. What I meant is that the rectangle sits over an area on the presentation that the user is to click on. It both highlights the area and works as the trigger to show the next slide. I had hoped I could simply add the trigger to change the variable to it as well but that's the part that isn't working.

Unfortunately I can't upload the file as my work has very strict security restrictions. I may get time over the next few days to do a mock version that has the same trigger and will upload that... assuming the fault replicates.

Jeanette Brooks

Thanks James, and yes - that would be great if you're able to post a "scrubbed" version of the file! In the meantime one way that you might troubleshoot is to temporarily insert a variable reference on your master slide (so that it appears on each slide in your course). It would be just a simple textbox that says %Media3%. When you preview or publish your course, this will show the variable's value on each slide, which will help you see whether the variable is actually turning to true at the time you expect.

James Brandwood

Hi Jeannette,

I can now see that the variable successfully changes to true at the point that I want it to, which is great! Doesn't fix the problem but it narrows it down. I have actually tried putting a trigger on the 'you can't do the quiz' layer that hides that layer when the timeline begins but it doesn't work properly. The first time you go to the quiz after viewing the media the layer appears - however if you click on any other area and then back on the quiz it allows you to do it.

I have spoken to some people here and luckily this module doesn't have too many security issues, those that were there are removed so I can now upload it to you. Only problem is that I don't see how to - I am sure Studio had a feature for this. Can yo uplease advise on how to go about it with Storyline.


James Brandwood

Attempt #5, I had a: 404 – File or Directory not found error the other times and have been progressively making the file smaller and smaller..

The file is attached. I have renamed the variable to ‘QuizReady’

The variable reference occurs on slides: 4.1, 4.9, 4.10, 4.11

The trigger to make the variable ‘true’ is on 4.10

The slide the variable controls is 5.1, and the slide master is 3.3 (the blank question slide).

I have added an extra variable on the ‘Quiz Hide’ layer that tells that layer to hide if the variable is true, but that doesn’t make the quiz viewable when you click on it, but does work the second time you click in the quiz after you complete the relevant media.

Looking forward to your reply.

James Brandwood

Excellent - Working perfectly now.

It actually makes sense when you think about it that the 'hide layer' would have to be on the base layer, otherwise your telling it to hide after it is viewed - which is what I had it doing.

I am so glad this is working and have applied the same type of variable/trigger combination to 3 parts of my training module (all linking to the same quiz introduction slide) with each variable getting it's own 'hide quiz' layer so the learner can see what part of the module they have to complete before they can proceed. This well and truely exceeds my expectations on what would be possible in regard to ensuring a learner has viewed the content before doing the assessment.

Thanks again Jeannette for your help on this, it is sure to become a feature on all modules with an assessment that I create.

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