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Apr 08, 2013

I downloaded the trial version of Storyline back in November 2012. Four months later, I'm ready to buy it. I see that there has been an upgrade since I downloaded my trial version. Which would be the smarter route for me ... to purchase and enter a serial number into my existing trial version, and then download and install the upgrade? Or to uninstall the existing trial version ... download and install the new version from scratch? Has anyone tried the first method? Any glitches in the process that I should look for if I do it that way?


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Peter Anderson

Hey Marge, welcome to the community!

Congrats on your decision to purchase Storyline I hope you find this community as valuable as the software itself!

You ask a good question, and I think our sales team would be the best ones to ask. You can contact them here and someone will get in touch with you right away and walk you through the process. 

I'm thinking that once you purchase and receive your serial number, you should be able to quickly type it into your prior installation, then once you've registered the software, you can always update here

Let us know if you run into any issues...

Thanks, Marge!

Peter Anderson

Welcome to the community, Nancy!

The best way is to enable the "Check for updates at startup" feature in Storyline. That should alert you automatically when we release a new update

Another great way to stay in the loop, is to subscribe to our Word fo Mouth blog

P.S. If you purchased in January, you should be up to date, but just in case, here is the most recent version. 

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