Installed Font Doesn't Appear Correctly in Preview/Review

May 03, 2021

Hi all, we've installed some TrueType font files (Raleway) and it isn't behaving as expected. When building the course in Storyline 360 we're using Raleway Black because it's bold (which is what we want), but when you preview or publish to Review the font is no longer Raleway Black, but seems to be another Raleway font.

Anyone else experienced this before and know what the issue is? Unfortunately I can't share the course as it has sensitive information, but have screenshots.

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Becca Levan

Hi Jess,

Thanks for reaching out! I'm sorry to hear you're hitting this snag, and I'm happy to help troubleshoot!

I created a sample test, but I see the Raleway Black font display as expected when I preview in Storyline and Publish to Review 360. I tested with Storyline 360 (Build 3.51.24979.0).

As a next step, I'd recommend uninstalling the font then reinstalling the .ttf files. I'll stay tuned for an update, and we'll go from there!