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Jun 10, 2016


I have a situation where all the instruction text of text entry fields appear too small during the preview and after it was published. I'm using a template that my client created but I can not find any reason for this to happen. Is there anyone that know the cause of this or how to rectify it as it is becoming a real problem. Please have a look at the attached storyline file for an example.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Chris -- Thanks for reaching out! You may want to check out a similar discussion over here to see if you find improvement, and also, may I ask if you can confirm that your are working locally as described here? You may also want to check out the troubleshooting steps here to see if you find improvement.

Please let us know, and if issues persist, I will be certain to take a closer look! 

Chris Basson

Hi Christie, thanks for coming back to me. I want to confirm that I'm working locally and I followed the steps in the troubles shooting and the issue still persists.

I seem to have found what I think to be the issue.

Because I am using a custom page size of 980X2047, as soon as you change the canvas size it automatically changes the default text size to font size 44.5. I still don't understand the reasoning behind this change in font size but it seems to make the default font size of all the text objects that size including the size of the instruction text. In normal Storyline mode the instruction text appears to be 44.5 but when it is previewed or published the project the instruction text seems to shrink to more or less size 14. When you click on the object to start typing in preview or published mode then you start typing in 44.5 text size.

If I change the text font of the text entry field to 14 points then it seems that when the content is published or previewed the shrinking of the instruction text still happens but you are able to click on it and your typed font appear to be the correct size. This can be replicated by creating a new Storyline project and changing the story size under the design tab.

Please let me know if you or anyone can replicate this or if you think I'm on the right track.

Kind regard


Chris Basson

Hi All

Thanks for the assistance. Here are the steps that I followed regarding this issue.

1. Open a new storyline project.
2. Go to the 'Design' tab and select 'Story Size'. Make the Width 980 and the Height 2047. Select 'Scale to fit' or 'Fill background' (I tested both options) and press 'OK'
3. Go to the 'Insert' tab and select 'Controls' select a 'Text entry field' and drag a large rectangle.
4. The default text size for this field is 45.5 (and all other text fields it seems)
5. Preview this slide or publish it. The instruction text will not appear size 45.5 but much smaller.
6. Change the instruction text to size 14.
7. Preview or publish this slide, the instruction text becomes extremely small.

This is where my issue lies. I hope you would be able to replicate this scenario. I can confirm that I'm working locally and I did a fresh install of Storyline to try and solve the problem. Please let me know if you can replicate this otherwise something is seriously wrong on my side.

Please see the attached Storyline and published files created through this process.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Chris -- Many thanks once more for your patience, and I can confirm that I am finding the same behavior you've described. I would like to put you in touch with our Support Engineers for additional technical insights on what may be contributing to this behavior. If you are able to use this form to submit a case, I will be on the lookout for your case to follow along with their progress. 

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