Interaction Subscripts

Oct 21, 2014

Hey all,  

I've noticed that the subscript/superscript function doesn't actually place the number BELOW the line of text.  For instance, H2O should show the "2" smaller and dropping down below the "H" and "O".  In a normal text box, this happens, but when the item is part of a quiz question or answer option, it just makes the "2" smaller and keeps it at the same level as the other text.

Has anyone else encountered this?  Is there a way to control it?



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Victor DeAlmeida

You can get this to work in a quize, but to use Java Script you must make the problem on a slide  using text boxes. Something has totally changed on the font handling on textboxes on a slide. I wish Java Script was available on a quize form but I have never been able to make it work. However by using a side with multiple layers with Java Script on the back end you can do all kinds of things with fonts, pictures, movies, etc on the different layers with Java Script to handle what is happening next.

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