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I've read many posts about this matter and I'm trying to put together many tricks to get the result I want, but I still can't figure it out.
As we use our own custom navigation bar, I have removed all the tabs around the player. I do want the user to click on the menu button to visualise his progression and choose to go directly to another chapter.
I have create a menu slide that I use as a lightbox linked to the menu button in the navigation bar. Since the menu slide has many layers to cover every chapter, I can't seem to point directly to the slide's tittle the user is currently on when clicking the menu button.

Any idea how I can manage this menu? Should I put every item of the menu slide on the base layer so I can link triggers to each one and just work with states to hide/show/highlight them?

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When the user clicks on the menu button, this slide appears (lightbox slide) so he can click on a chapter and see its contents (layers).

But I also want the user to keep track of his progression. If he clicks on the menu button while doing unit two in chapter 1, I want the menu to appear like this.

This way, he can see what's done, what's ongoing and what's left to do. He could choose to go back to unit 2 but he can also skip to chapter 3 if he prefers. So every item must remain linked and accessible.

Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Hey Mylene,

Thanks for sharing the images. I can definitely visualize it better now.

Making the menu work the way you have shown here is possible and probably best done on one of the master slides. I'd suggest you build it on a slide layer on either the main master slide or one of the masters layouts. If you put it on the main master slide (first slide in the order) it will be on every slide in your course that uses that set. But you may want to put it on one of the layouts in case you want some slides to not have access to the menu for some reason. Here are a few screen captures of an animated retractable menu I built that hides off screen.


The button at the top triggers it to grow out from the side and then the bottom button closes it to retract back off the screen.

From what you've described I'm imagining that you're going to also want this menu to remember  and reflect what the user has already visited? And is that something you want even if they exit and return to the course later? Or is it not that complicated?



Sorry for not answering before, I was away for a while. I was able to build my menu like you showed on a master slide.

But, as you said, I do want my menu to remember  and reflect what the user has already visited so he can navigate through what is left to do. And yes, I do want it to remember even if the user exits the course and return later. Is that possible?

Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Yes! Storyline's built in menu remembers where you left off if you exit a published course that you go partially through and go back into it. So when it takes you back to that position you left off at, you can set a variable to be equal to a number in the course as soon as that screens timeline starts. That value can then be used to tell your menu to indicate what has and hasn't been visited. That is so long as your course is linear.

Does that make sense?


Daniel Sposato (Philly)

No problem. What you would have to do, if your course is linear, is put a trigger on each slide in the progression of your course that sets the variable (used to adjust the custom menu) to be equal to 1 greater that the slide before it.

Example: slide 1 has a trigger that sets a variable equal to 1. Slide 2 has another trigger that sets the same variable equal to 2.... and so on....

Then you just need a slew of triggers in the beginning of the course that say....

If variable = 1, set menu to (display that you have finished up to section 1). If variable = 2, set menu to (display that you have finished up to section 2).... and so on....