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Oct 01, 2019

Hello - I have been tasked with creating a slide with two lists and items on the on the lists have check boxes.  I would like learners to be able to check as many (or as few) as they would like on the lists.  There are no wrong answers to the question.  Then at the end of the course I would like the learner to be able to print out the information and include the items they checked.  Is this possible? 
I have attached the PowerPoint slides I am trying to recreate in Articulate 360 for reference.  Thank you in advance!   

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Maura Bear

You could do something similar with variables. I will show you how to do just one box that is selected.


First, create two variables: "A01" and "Answer"

Add a slide trigger And Set the "A01" equal to the value of our second variable "Answer" when Answer changes. Remember to also set Answer equal to blank when timeline starts.

Now you can create a radio button and set "Answer" equal to "This is the text to type in here that you want them to see at the end" when a radio button is selected and the Submit interaction is set to multiple Choice.

Finally, call A01 variable at the end of the presentation in a text box and it will show "This is the text to type in here that you want them to see at the end" You must type in %A01% in the textbox as you see it typed here.

This is not a great solution for you because I don't know how much text you want to show. If its a lot, its probably not the best solution for you, but the only thing I can think of.

Hope this helps.

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