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Jan 27, 2014

I am attempting to create an interaction with an imported mp4 on a single slide. Periodically, a question appears in the video. I want the video to pause at each question and wait for the learner to made a selection from a button set. Once the learner has made a selection, the video is to continue. I also want to capture the data from the learners selections.

What is the best way to accomplish this? Do I have to cut up my video into question sections/slides to make this work?

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Laura Winzen

Thanks, Allison and Rebecca! I think I am on the right track. Here is my remaining question...

I have an object that sits off-slide that pauses my media so my button set can appear. This stops the video but does not stop the timeline, so I have to stretch the buttons way out on the timeline or they might disappear before the learner chooses one. But that screws up the ability to use the seekbar because if the learner clicks further along they see the buttons when they shouldn't. Make sense?

Is there a way to stop the timeline instead of just the video?

Laura Winzen

Ok, I think I found it. The slide property had to be changed to Slide Advances by User instead of automatically. That takes care of that problem.

I don't suppose there is any way to do that in the middle of a slide that is playing media? It look like I have to slide my video into pieces and put each piece on a separate slide to get the presentation to stop - is that correct?

Matthew Kliewer

Hi Laura - I'm late to the game, but as some of the links above suggest (somewhere deep into the threads), you can use an off-screen object (a shape, usually) to trigger a slide layer to show at a particular point on your timeline. That slide layer's properties would have the "Pause timeline of base layer" option checked, and the slide layer could contain your questions/buttons.

This is really the only way to pause your entire timeline automatically, but it works.

(If you scroll down on this thread that Becky linked to above, you can download a sample .story file that may make this easier to see.)

In terms of capturing their responses (presumably for tracking in an LMS?), that's a little trickier, since Storyline only allows one question per slide. In that case, maybe dividing the video onto separate quiz slides would be easier...

Laura Winzen

Hi Matthew - I just now saw your post. I'm still fighting with this thing and I am supposed to demo it tomorrow. No pressure, right?

My slides are freeform quizzes (I will need to gather data from the selections eventually) and I have not had luck putting the quiz buttons on a different layer - tried that so I could use the "Pause timeline of base layer" while waiting for the learner to make a selection. I must be missing something really obvious here because how else can you set up a freeform quiz? You can't have the timeline taking off while waiting for someone's answer. There must be some way to pause the timeline on the main layer. No?

Diana Stock

I recently downloaded this template and cannot get it to play and/or score correctly.  If I set the Slide Layer properties to Pause timeline of base layer, the layer will not display (it acts as if it is paused before loading - I can see a faint image of it).

I also can't get the correct display for right or wrong scores. I see this thread is 6 months old - if I can get this to work it would be of great benefit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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