Interesting - but unwanted - red cross-hair on image

Jul 02, 2012

Hi everyone, 

I'm experiencing a mysterious issue with an image in my SL project.  I have a png on a slide that has a red cross-hair behind it.  Its not appearing in the image in the image editor (Fireworks & Photoshop) and it doesn't appear on the slide in the SL editor view.  However, when I publish it (preview or final publish) - THERE IT IS! 

I figured out what was causing it - and it seems to be a glitch in coding - 

The png has a transparent background - i animated it to grow in and formatted it to have soft edges (13 px) and a red border.  The glitch is that the red border appears as the red cross-hairs when publishing, but is invisible in edit-view. If you run into this problem, simply turn off the outline - cross-hair will disappear.  I don't think you will be able to properly place a border on a transparent png that is animated to grow in.  

Note to Articulate peeps:

In future SL updates, can we repair the coding so that the outline on a png with transparent background appears in edit mode - and that the outline is an actual outline, instead of cross-hairs?  


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Diane Smith


I changed the image from .png to .gif to .jpg during my troubleshooting - the file format does not change the problem.  It is rooted to the combined format given in Storyline (Picture Border + soft edges 13 pixels +).  If the picture border is removed, the cross hairs disappear, if the soft edges is removed, the cross hairs disappear.  

FYI:  jpeg and gif files generally do not have transparent backgrounds, so the cross hairs may be appearing behind the background. Not sure, since my digital x-ray vision isn't working. 


I'm attaching a redacted screenshot of the problem. (The red arrow points to the red cross hairs. 

I've since solved it by removing the picture border.  I wanted to keep the soft edges.   

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