Internet Explorer 11 and Storyline

May 08, 2015

I apologize if this has been answered somewhere.  Has there been any reported issues of Storyline or Storyline 2 not functioning correctly with Internet Explorer 11?

We have been receiving periodic errors of the course not launching, not reporting LMS result status, etc.  And we are unsure as to whether it deals with IE 10 being old or people accessing it through IE 11.

Has anyone experienced issues and/or has heard of solutions to issues with IE?  All I saw when I checked was Presenter issues only.

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Gretchen Luongo

Gregory, Just came across this post when researching this same issue....we are experiencing this same issue with Storyline 2 courses through our LMS and I also suspect is has to do with IE 11. Even with compatibility view on students are sometimes getting stuck - either a page won't view at all or they are unable to move forward. I am unable to recreate these issues on my machine but enough students are reporting that I know it's not a fluke. The most common solution that seems to work is to have them launch the course using a different browsers such as Firefox or Chrome. After reading a different article here in the community I found this link  which I will use to start tracking Flash and IE versions t see if it gives me any insight....

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gretchen, 

Are you using Storyline 2? We're investigating an issue where a course may freeze during preview or in a Flash-enabled browser, mostly we've heard it mentioned in Internet Explorer. You might also see a gray circle with an exclamation point when the course locks up.

It’s related to the custom tab order data in the course, which can burden the Flash Player's memory when the course is lengthy or has lots of images and videos.
You can fix it by removing some objects from the tab order for each slide. Here's how.
By default, all objects are included in the tab order. We recommend removing objects from the tab order if they aren't crucial to the context of the slide (e.g., design elements). And if your learners aren't using accessibility screen readers, we also recommend removing images and videos from the tab order.
If your course continues to freeze after reducing the number of objects in the tab order, please let me know as we'll want to have you continue working with our Support team here. 

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