Internet Explorer 11, HTML5, SCORM Cloud

Sep 12, 2016


I know Articulate says they do not support HTML5 in IE, or at least that is what I have been reading in the forums. But...HTML5 in IE, (no flash player) running courses in SCORM Cloud works great. It is using the HTML5 version.

My issues is that these same courses do not work in the Cornerstone LMS when using the same configuration (IE11, no flash player/HTML5 version). The window pops and it is blank. No message. It just won't load the HTML5 version. I would swear I tested this in the Cornerstone LMS at some point in the past and it worked fine. My current assumption is that something changed with the LMS or with IE.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue and can someone offer me an explanation as to why the SCORM Cloud LMS works and Cornerstone LMS does not?




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