Intranet URL not working in Resources

I need to link to an intranet page in Resources.


When adding in Storyline, it adds http://.  Is there a way to suppress this?

I've also tried adding a button with a Jump to URL/file trigger with no success.  Help!!!

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Trey McNabb

Hi Chrissy,

When you open the page in your browser locally, is the link you put in your post the exact address you see in the browser? I only ask because it's showing 'file' at the front. On my intranet, the pages do show as web addresses, so I've been able to link to most of them. I discovered I have to know the server name to create some of the links. The link above looks like a specific folder location with spaces in the title, then a jump to a specific portion of an intranet page. What happens if you remove the word file and leave everything else so it will show as http://makytrv01/trove/final...?