Intro Slide with no Player Tabs & Nav Controls

Aug 29, 2013


I am trying to build an introduction slide that has no navigation and or no topbar right tab buttons.

Once the intro slide plays through and automatically triggers to go to the next scene, I then only would like to have the topbar right tab buttons and the navigation buttons to appear.

I have been able to figure out how to eliminate the bottom navigation buttons on the intro bar, however when I enable the topbar right tab buttons, this enables them on every slide including the intro slide.

I have also played around with adding my own buttons, and disabling the topbar right tab. however, I have way too many slides to paste the buttons onto, and if I add/ change a button it will be far to time consuming to update every slide.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matt,

If you need to just change how the player will look on one slide (the first slide or any slide) you will want to go into that specific slide and the properties icon in the bottom right corner of the slide layers section. It looks like a little wheel icon. If you click on there you can set the first slide to have properties like in the image below, with prev and next checked off - and the custom setting for Player features with the menu, notes, etc. also checked off. 

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