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Jan 07, 2020

Hi there,

I've used a video to introduce the module I have been creating in Storyline. The slide it's on also has five navigation buttons. The video automatically plays when the module opens and I can navigate quite easily using the buttons. The problem I have is every time I go back to the main navigation page the video starts playing again. I just want it to play once.

Any ideas?

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Tom Kuhlmann

Another option is to put the video on it's own layer. Have it show layer when the timeline starts. That will launch the video. You can use a T/F variable to control if it shows the layer or not. 

  • Create a TF variable [playvideo] and set to True. 
  • Create trigger to show video layer when slide starts on condition that playvideo = True.
  • When they go to the video layer, set a trigger to change the variable to False. And when they revisit the slide, they won't see the video again.


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