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Jul 22, 2015

Hi there,

Is there a way to centre the notification window text? More specifically, I am wanting to work with the invalid answer text.

I know how to change colours and fonts, it just seems odd that I have no control over the position.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Leonard Puglia

Thanks for your replies. I have an assessment that includes 6 different languages within the same story file (this is how the client wants it)

I am trying to create a universal invalid answer pop-up when the learner clicks the Submit button without answering the question.

The screen shot below is the best I could come up with, however it doesn't look very good and the client isn't entirely happy with it.

Given I can't edit the pop-up, does anyone have any ideas on how to get around this? I was thinking of creating a trigger on the submit button to manufacture my own pop-up as a layer, but there are 120 questions (after all the translations) in this one assessment..... and this is replicated across 8 individual assessments. So this would be very time consuming for a function that may not even happen if the learner answers the question properly.


Thanks again

Christie Pollick

Hi, Leonard -- I was able to open your .jpg image now, and I think I see what you mean (you would like the text in the white box to be centered, as opposed to justified left). While I am not aware of a way to do this, I will defer to the community for any other workarounds or suggestions. And as I mentioned above, if you would like to share your thoughts with our Product Development team, you would be welcome to do so using this form

Leonard Puglia

Thanks Christie,

Ideally, I would love to be able to insert an image (like a hazard sign) that is universal across multiple languages, rather than use text. It's not often that I have multiple languages within one story file, but you can see how this is an issue for my client.

So at this stage, any sort of work-around would help greatly. I will also share my thoughts with the Product Development team.

Phil Mayor

You need to add triggers so that the valid answer layer never shows by using selected state or drop states and then have custom layers with your new invalid answer on.  There is a tutorial on here somewhere on how to do that.

The built in invalid answer box would have a single language and unfortunately you cannot add an image to it.

Be aware that some of the built in questions cannot have a custom invalid answer added such as the matching and sequence drag and drop, dropdown questions, word bank because these have no way of knowing if the question has been interacted with.

Leonard Puglia

Hi Phil and Christie,

Thanks so much for the time you've taken to answer my question.

Ulimately, this is a particularly uncommon scenario and I don't expect to be confronted with it again in the future.

At least I can confidently go back to the client and let them know this information and they can make a call from there.

Thanks again.

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