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Apr 16, 2013


Is it safe to assume that if I use a font in my Storyline project that is part of the iOS installed font set it will display as such when viewed on an iPad, either via HTML5 or through the articulate mobile app? That would certainly allow the ability to use a wider variety of fonts in programming a story. Thank you.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Richard, 

Yes, I think that's safe to assume for slide content. It's my understanding, though, that custom fonts cannot be embedded in the HTML5 player or the iPad app player (because it uses an optimized player). For full comparison of Storyline's Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player output, click here.

Richard Chasin

That's interesting, because I asked this exact same question of Premium support, and got the following responses, along with an example:

"When you publish your Storyline course, the fonts will be embedded so all will see the font you designated regardless of what environment they are viewing it."

So I followed up by asking:

"To be clear, I had assumed that fonts are only embedded in the swf output, and not in the HTML5 or mobile app output for the iPad. Is this incorrect? Thank you for this clarification."

Support responded with:

"It is still going to be embedded. Here’s a sample course published to both HTML5 and Mobile Player which uses a custom font ‘Algerian’. You can see it is preserved on both output."

example was:

So now I am really confused......

Richard Chasin

Still a bit unclear to me.

So I use a font in my .story file that is part of the font set of iOS 6, and publish to both screen and HTML5 along with the player app.

The font appears as it should, as it is a native iOS font.

Alternately, I use a non iOS font, and publish as before. Font substitution will occur.

Is this correct thinking?

(Yes, thank you Phil, I am aware of the referencing font caveat.)

Peter Anderson

Hi Richard, 

Apologies for not being able to explain myself better

The fonts within your course content should always embed (with the exception of variable references). 

The only fonts that might not, would be custom fonts used in the actual player of the course, i.e. the areas around your slide content that contain navigation buttons, custom menus, etc.