IOS issue skipping locked slides

Feb 01, 2021

Hi there. This is a very specific issue that we are seeing that I hope someone might have some insight on. Firstly about the course. I have built a 99 slide 10 section course. Many of my slides have multiple layers that are controlled by user buttons that display when a user clicks on them. Each slide has been set to reset to initial stage when revisiting due to ensure slide layers do not stay open and to limit the amount of suspend data character length as if the slides remain in automatically decide the suspend data is too long and the course will not track completely. It only tracks up to a certain point due to SCORM 1.2 limitations and the LMS im forced to use for this client. The course is in SCORM 1.2 and cannot be any other format. The LMS which is being used is TINY LMS which I understand is an open source LMS. On any slide where there are multiple layers I have placed a true/false variable to catch when the slide has been viewed and as such I unlock the navigation buttons once the slide has been viewed so a student won't have to re-view all of the slide content upon return once the slide is viewed. Now the issue at hand. When viewing the course on an IOS device (iPad) we are seeing totally randomly slides being skipped and bypassing the slide navigation controls even though the slides is locked down and course is in linear mode where each slide must be viewed in order. It doesn't always happens but when it does, it happens on the first slide of a section. When a user clicked the next button at the end of the previous section and it takes them to the next section the first slide will skip even though it has never been viewed. The layers controlled by buttons on that slide are all marked as viewed when they haven't been and the next button is active and set to normal when I have a trigger that restricts that from happening until all of the layers are visited. Like I said it only happens on IOS devices on TINY LMS. We cannot replicate it on any other LMS or platform. I have submitted a case as this is so unique but was curious if anyone out there might have an idea.  I suspected a corrupt menu system so I rebuilt the menu but that didn't fix it.  Anyone?????

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