iOS6 iPad issues with animation

Nov 09, 2012

Hey there,

Ive created a course using storyline and any animations cause the screen to flicker. 

Has anyone noticed this since updating to iOS6 on iPad? This happens on 2 iPads but one running iOS5 is fine?



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Peter Anderson

Hi Alan, 

Sorry for the trouble. Our QA team is aware of flickering issues on iPad when viewing HTML5 output in mobile Safari. Is that how you're viewing  the project when experiencing the issue?  

It's been determined that the cause is from having to redraw the canvas between animations / slides / scenes, etc. It should be fixed in our next update, due out soon. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime, but I will update this thread when the update is released. Also, we'd be interested in seeing your file to determine whether it's the same issue we've already identified. Would you be willing to open a case? Thanks!

Alan Bourne

Yes that's correct, unfortunately I wont be able to upload the project as it is confidential information contained in the course however it happens on most screens which feature animated text flying in from the left and right I believe.

If I get time I will create a mock-up, however I think its basic animations that's the issue.

Thanks for letting me know.


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