Proud owner of a Storyline License. Thanks for the great product, Articulate !Anyway, I just uploaded a test/course to my server. When I try to view the course (Chrome on my Laptop)  the URL reads (coursename).ioslaunch.html (see image below) and the course won't open. Seems like it's looking for the player. I published the course for html5 and mobile. Any ideas?

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Phil Mayor

Al. Brian is saying you need to link to the story.html not the individual launchers. this will decide which version is loaded.  If you have flash, then it will always choose flash (best) the Ipad Ipad followed by html5.

They have optimised it for chrome and iOS but I dont believe the iOS launcher will ever work in chrome

Kevin Thorn

Hi Al,

There's three ways to publish a Storyline project: Flash, HTML5 and iOS

  • For Web delivery in the Flash version, point to the story.html file in the published output.
  • For Web delivery in the HTML5 version, point to the story_html5.html file in the published output.
  • For iOS (iPad/iPhone) delivery, first you'll need to download and install the Articulate Player app from the app store (it's Free). 
  • Then point to the ioslaunch.html file in the published output. By clicking this link it will open Safari with similar sreenshot you shared above with a single page, course title, image of the first slide, and a [LAUNCH] button.
  • By clicking that button, it will automatically launch the Articulate Player (if installed) and you can play the course. Also, if you choose you can download the course directly to your iOS device for offline viewing.

Hope that helps!

Al Miller

OK. So here's what's happening. I had my client upload a test file to a site on their server. There's no log in. When I click on the link to the course on their server (my laptop, Chrome and IE) I get the same screen as the pic I inserted above. When I test the link on my iPad the player fires up and everything works. I've created a course for this client before (in Lectora; I'll never open that tool again!) and it works on the iPad and in IE, Chrome etc no problem. Same server. I'm assuming the player needs to link to the .story file . . . so why won't the course open in Chrome as well?

Doreen Pina

Thanks Wendy and Leslie! I figured it out after several tutorials and calls. I had sent my files to a folder instead of the "My Articulate Projects"

I appreciate you getting back to me. I felt so clueless and was stressing out.  Good to know there's help in the land of learning and I am not alone!