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Jul 24, 2012

I need to replace the point in the browser detection script that launches ioslaunch.html and replace it with an absolute path.

I know where it is in story.html, however because the course is launching from an LMS the starting html is index_lms.

So my question is, is there another html file in the index_lms.html launching sequence that calls ioslaunch.html?  Or does the launch sequence always end up at story.html?


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Bill Harnage

Ok, so i changed the ioslaunch.html to the absolute path in the story.html file, but index_lms_html5.html is still loading on the ipad.

Just a note, the ipad content is on another server that doesn't require authentication.

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish...

user logs into lms

user clicks start button

course launches (index_lms.html) - during the launch sequence I thought story.html would eventually be cycled to, which is why i changed the ioslaunch to an absolute path - the offsite server.

However at some point during the launch sequence index_lms.html5.html is being loaded on the ipad instead.

Did i miss changing something in the sequence or is the problem because the initial launch is behind authentication?

Steve Flowers

In testing, I think the LMS is always going to attempt to launch the HTML5 version. It'll never fall back to the iOS version. On lines 10 and 11 of index_lms.html, you'll see:

var strLocation = location.href.replace("index_lms", "index_lms_html5");


This switches the current page to index_lms_html5. So if you change this to:

//var strLocation = location.href.replace("index_lms", "index_lms_html5");



Just comment out the first two lines.

Bill Harnage

Hmmm, I probably should clarify more.  I wan the user to view the desktop version or ipad version based on the browser, not just the ipad version.

So, i should be able to change the script to this:

var strLocation = location.href.replace("index_lms", "http://yourabsolutepath/ioslaunch.html");

I'll give that a try and see.

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