iPad and Articulate Mobile Player

Mar 06, 2015

We have a custom web application.  Within some the application web pages, we've embedded individual .story files (exported with IOS support enabled).  I could swear that previously we have able to get the .story files to run within the web page. (Both our QA and our existing users would have reported issues). 

But we had a user who just reported interactions behaving 'oddly', so I trying to determine what might have changed.

Today when I get to webpage with one of the interactions, I'm seeing the 'Get the free Articulate Mobile Player' app. I downloaded the Mobile Player app again, but now the .story files will only display in the Library (not within the web page) AND if I try to move to the next page (any other) in the web application, the iPAD is moving immediately to the .story file with no link back to the webpage.  

Any suggestions? 

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Emily Ruby

Hello Mary,

When you have the Articulate App installed, and you use the publish options for the Mobile App, the courses will automatically open in the App. If you do not want to use the App, and only the web page, you will need to uncheck the Mobile App from the publish settings.

Here is some information on how to publish for HTML5 and the Mobile Player.

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