iPad App

It is probably a foolish question from a prospective customer, so apologies in advance...

I can see that the iPad app is to play Storyline decks, but I can't find any instructions on how it works - which makes it difficult to evaluate for my customers.

I've downloaded it, but it doesn't do anything.

How does it work, if I create decks in Storyline, and intend to publish them in Articulate Online, how do they appear in this App?

Is there a sample that I can access to review? Are there any instructions or product information pages online that I can read?

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Nick Fawbert

Thanks Phil - now I just need a link to a sample deck so that I can test drive the experience! Anyone have a sample they would like to show off to me?

iPad and paid content - I understand that Articulate Online has password controlled permissions to restrict content access so I can charge for it. How does the app ensure that only the customer with the correct permissions can see the deck?

Nick Fawbert

Ah no, don't worry I had a look at it on the PC - I wanted to see what award winning executions looked like!

I really enjoyed it, would have adored it studying for my O-levels 30 years ago.

You're right, the coffee example was iPad optimised, and help me understand.

Just mildly surprised that the Articulate corporate example - Effective Meetings - isn't much more clearly signposted on the Articulate site.

Likewise no documentation talking about the iPad app and how it is intended to work.

It could be that I'm daft - but it was approximately 4 hours of wading through various sites and web searches before I could actually try it.

I also kept getting diverted by the fact that the Articulate.com product pages appear to have 4 header horizontal menus when trying to find out product information: it's netiher intuitive nor simple. It's just a pain.

Fingers crossed the UI we can generate through Storyline will improve on that

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Doug,

The way the iPad app will work, is that when you publish for the AMP and then access your course (either from within an LMS that supports Tin Can API or a link on a web server) it will open within the AMP and you'll be able to navigate through the course. When publishing to the AMP it doesn't automatically appear in your library, as the publish set up is not connected to your instance of the app. There are some additional tutorials here on how to use the Articulate Mobile Player.