iPad app security?

What if any content security risks exist if content for iPad app is downloaded?

  • Is there any way for the file to be transferred to another iPad or location by user?
  • Is there any way for content to be extracted or reverse engineered (not including any screen recording of course)

This came up as a question on our team for protecting for-sale content.

It would also apply generally as a security issue for any corporate training.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Alexander!

These files will  be stored in the mobile player - so if the user was able to share the link to the course with someone else, that would be the only way to share it.

The content cannot be extracted, and changed since the published output does not contain the original file.

There have been other discussions about this and the general conclusion has been that there is nothing that stops someone from taking a screenshot or picture, etc. of your course, so do everything you can in terms of copyright, but there are no guarantees.