iPad: attachment, search bar, resources gone?

Oct 08, 2013


I published my story online, everything works on the computer, but when I open the story in my iPad, the attachments, don't open, search bar en resources are not visible. I just downloaded the latest version of app Articulate and ios. What do I do wrong?

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Dan Vetter

So, if there is no attachments tab when the course is viewed in the iPad Viewer, is there a work-around that still allows the viewers to access this information.  We have a ton of courses with attachments, and the narration frequently directs learners to the attachment tab for important resources.  If we don't have a way to accommodate this, it renders the i-Pad player virtually useless for our courses.  (OR we would have to go back and do pretty extensive rework.) 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dan,

You'd need to set up a method within your Storyline file, as there isn't any way to bypass it within the iPad. You could look at creating a custom tab that linked to a slide where all the resources where listed as a workaround, or a lightbox slide.  This tutorial goes through how to set up a custom menu in a lightbox, but it would be a similar method for your Resources. 

Dan Vetter

So, there must be a workaround that can allow file attachments to be accessed for courses created in Studio 13 and dispayed in the iPad app.  I was thinking about adding a single slide on the first page of the course stating:  "If viewing this course on the i-pad app, the attachments referenced throughout the course on the attachments tab will not avalalbe.  Please download them NOW by clicking on the links below.")  I was hoping that we could put all the attachment files someplace so that they would open via the hyperlink.  (But, I think I just saw in a chart somewhere that hyperlinks (to files) are not possible in the iPad viewer app.)

Please, has anyone come up with a solution for this issue?  Thanks!

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