iPad Audio problems.

Jul 16, 2013

Ok, I know there are some other iPad audio issues out there but I have done everything that each article says and still having issues.  I have a module where each slide is advanced by the user clicking the next button.  There is only one audio file per slide.  Within Chrome playing the html5 file it works fine.  The only place it has an issue is within safari on the iPad.  Here is the weird thing, if I open another page and go to a website with audio, say trailers.apple.com and play a file with audio it plays and i can hear it, then I go back over to the storyline file and resume play, I can hear the audio then.

Has anyone heard of this?  It makes no sense to me.  I have tried adding a button at the beginning to start the audio and still nothing. Is this an issue with my iPad?  I am up to date on both storyline and iOS.  I need suggestions as this is going to a client soon.  Thanks guys.

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Lesley Mizer

Hi, Randy,

I can replicate the same issue. I've published to HTML5 and not the mobile player because I am publishing to LMS and we don't have TIN CAN. I am running the course on an iPad with iOS 7. One audio file per slide, and slides advance by user.

I first opened the course in my LMS on a desktop with Firefox and audio working fine.. I resumed the course on the iPad in Safari, and the audio didn't work at all. I tried closing, reopening the course, and not resume, but audio never played. Once I went to another website and played a video with audio, the course finally played audio.

Interesting anyways. Have you figured out a different solution?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lesley! I checked on Randy's case to see if I could offer you an update on his situation, but it appears that the case was not followed through to resolution and support was not able to replicate the issue. 

I am not sure if Randy is subscribed to this thread, so if you would like to follow up with him you may need to send him a PM.

If you would like to work with support on your issue, you can submit your .story file to us here.

Randy Hill

Hello Lesley and Leslie.  We were right in the middle of creating a project for a client so I was not able to get much done.  I don't even remember what support suggested doing, but nothing was ever resolved.  I went in a rebuilt the whole thing a second time and it seemed to work better, but I still randomly have issues with it.  I also even went back into some of the offline things I had stored in the articulate mobile player here recently and some modules and games I had created that previously worked now have started having the same issues with no audio.  I am not sure if it is just new builds of Storyline that are not working well with previous versions or what.  Still something that needs to be worked through.  I do know that most of our future lies within the iPad so hopefully these issues can continue to be monitored and resolved.

Orla Daly

I am using most recent updated version of Articulate (November 2013) publishing for iPad iOS 7.0.4; including html5 output but not Articulate Mobile PLayer on iPad; one audio file per slide published for LMS using Blackboard Mobile Learn (doesn't work on university mobile app either) I link to story.html file in LMS and audio plays fine on desktop in all browsers audio does not play on iPad at all - even trying out playing audio on another site and returning to resume as detailed above.

Also, students are required to enter text in a data data entry field - if they click Next button without entering text, a layer appears requesting an entry.  Again this works fine on desktop in all browsers but no pop-up layer shows on iPad - I have disabled pop-up blocker in mobile safari.

Finally, I have added one mp4 video per slide using Insert > Video > from file > published for LMS - linking to story.html file in LMS.  In Semester 1 earlier this year these videos played without any problem on the university mobile app on iPad 1 but now there is no audio when I try to play them on a newest iPad. Would appreciate any help you can give for these issues.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Orla and welcome to Heroes! 

Thanks for confirming you're on the latest update, and just to check is it: Update 4 (1311.1422) which was released November 15, 2013? There was another update 4 (1311.817) released a few days earlier in November, and the reason I ask is there was a specific fix in the last update for an issue where HTML5 content hosted in an LMS wouldn't load properly in mobile Safari. You can check which update number you're on by going to the Help tab within Storyline and clicking "About Articulate Storyline." 

If you're on that update and still having difficulty, I'd also suggest trying your course at SCORM cloud to see if the issues are reproducable outside of your LMS environment. If not, you'll want to connect with your LMS team regarding the issues you've experienced. If you have the same behavior at SCORM Cloud, can you share your .story file with us here? 

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