Help please! Audio on all layers however only plays base layer audio

Mar 19, 2020

Hi everyone

I'm in urgent need of fixing my issue. In Storyline, I have a slide which has 9 layers. I've added a WAV file to each layer, however when I go to the layer it only plays the base layer audio. It won't play the slide layer audio.

I'm also having issues with the notes on each layer. I use the notes for my voice over prompt but when I change the notes on a single each layer, it copies the same information on each layers notes. This means I can only have one note which unfortunately is added to each layer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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MiClub Training

Hi Tom, thanks a million for reaching out to help me, its greatly appreciated.

I've sorted the issue with the audio however I don't know how to create hidden text or closed captions. Is this what you would use to capture the scripting on each slide layer? Is that its purpose? It would be great to have the scripting in the layers so when I create my own voice over, its all in one spot.

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