Ipad course with audio - how many slides to too many?

Mar 20, 2013

Hello all,

Just curious if anyone has found any relation  w/ the number of slides w/ audio and when the course starts to have erratic behavior.

Testing a few courses with 5 or 10 slides with audio - I have had little problem with audio playing on all the slides.  I have a course now w/ 30 slides, all w/ audio (the longest being about a min or so) and Im running into issues with odd behavior w/ the audio.  Sometimes it will play fine, other times, one or 2 slides will not play audio.

Has anyone run into this?

Also - what size is ideal to stay under for audio files.  All of our audio is MP3 - we try to keep them  under 500k in size.

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Rob,

You don't specify if you are viewing through Safari html5 or through AMP. As a rule of thumb, I try to make my slides as 'light' as possible when I have to add audio and my output has to be AMP/html5 compatible.

This is especially true for html5.

Also make sure your audio starts only after user intervention/trigger (do not set slides to advance automatically).

Hope this helps,

Alexandros Anoyatis

Network bandwidth and overall network performance, server and LMS load absolutely have a lot to do with how your course plays, especially during HTML5 view.

As for caching, the preloader tries to cache 3 slides (previous, current, and next slide). Generally, the less "snappy" you are with quick tapping/clicking a slide the better your experience (some slides may feel sluggish).


Susie So

My testing regarding the number of slides didn't matter.

I've been having issues where first time launching the course plays fine with audio but the next time around makes all the audio disappear. I've submitted a case to Articulate support and hopefully their QA team can find the issue and solve it soon.

Also, when loading the course in our LMS, AMP can't launch it due to authentication issue.

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