HTML5 OUTPUT FAIL / Won't work on mobile devices or on desktop.

May 06, 2016


I have a course slated to go live to 30k users on Monday.

We previously tested our course on iPads and all was good. Now, in the last three days our published output files will NOT play the HTML5 file at all.
It will only play the standard HTML file in IE. It fails to call the HTML5 visuals in Chrome, and only plays the music file. It won't play in Safari at all. 

We have published and tested several builds to rule out potential culprits. 
1st we PUBLISH as intended with audio files, Execute Javascript trigger, etc.

2nd we published the file in the following ways...

  • W/ and W/O audio (this is a fixed track on just two slides, two audio files.)
  • W/ and W/O Mobile Checked
  • W/ and W/O HTML5 Output Checked
  • W/ and W/O Javascript added for certain triggers

What could be wrong? It's not clear that we've made any mistakes in the build. We also noted that this error has occurred in the past with Storyline but I don't see a fix. The files themselves are being embedded in a SharePoint 2.0 site that will allow the user to launch each Storyline file as usual. the Javascript is used to add points that will show up on a leader board in the SharePoint 2.0 site. 

Please share any ideas you have. Thank you!

Phoenix R. Cavalier
Sr. Instructional Designer

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