iPad Display and Functionality Problems

Aug 27, 2018

Our modules consistently play back flawlessly in desktop, but we see lots of problems when using the modules on iPads. Elements disappear from the screen arbitrarily (only on iPad), and a times, the entire background image or video disappears for no apparent reason. Please help ASAP, as we are working against tight deadlines and this issue could prevent us from using Storyline altogether.

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Katie Riggio

Thanks for sharing that recording with us, Libby! There definitely is some wonky behavior happening there, so I'm glad you reached out.

Could I gather a few more details from you?

  • What version of Storyline are you using?
  • What iOS is your iPad running?
  • Does this happen on multiple browsers, or just Safari?
  • Did you publish the course for Web, LMS, or something else?

Lastly, would you mind if we had a look at your .story file? We'll test it out in the same environment(s) and let you know what we find!

Libby Lussenhop

I'm running Storyline 3. The iPad is new, and running the latest iOS. This
happens in both Safari and Chrome. I published multiple test versions for
web, LMS, and beyond. I tried everything on my end...this is a Storyline

I attached the .story file, but please be aware that this is proprietary
for a client and should not be shared or shown outside of our purposes
within this troubleshooting process.


Katie Riggio

Really appreciate the extra detail, Libby!

Yikes, looks like the .story file did not come through. Could you have another go at clicking here to open our discussion and then using the Add Attachment button to attach the file to your reply? You can also share it privately with me using this form.

I'll be on the lookout for it. 😊

Katie Riggio

Hi again, Libby, and those following this discussion!

Circling back to share that my teammate, Anna, was able to reproduce this issue and logged Text disappears when viewing a course in landscape on an iPad as a possible bug in Storyline 3. Really appreciate you bringing this to our attention!
Changing the Story size to 4:3 is the current workaround while our team looks into next steps ..and we'll share updates here once we have them!
Katie Riggio

Hey, Libby. It's me again! 😀

I'm excited to share that update 6 for Storyline 3 is now live – check out all the goodies here! 🎁

One of the fixes addresses the issue where text would disappear when viewing content on an iPad. Specifically, in the landscape view.

Here's how you can update Storyline 3 to see everything this update has to offer. Let us know what you think!

Russell Still

Here we are, 3 years later, and these same problems still exist. Storyline frequently displays the first frame of embedded video and nothing more. Some objects fail to load. If you reload the screen or do a Prev button, the video will generally play normally, but we can't expect paying customers to accept this type of workaround. This problem makes our Storyline projects unusable in a mobile iOS environment. I've reported this multiple times over the last 10ish years and still no resolution. Unfortunately, it is somewhat random and may not always occur.

For you iPad users, I'd appreciate it if you'd give this a try:

At the very beginning of the second slide, an animated video should play. If it is a static image of an airplane, that means the video is not running. 

Also, take a look at the interaction on the slide labeled "Review". There is a slider that operates animation of the airplane and gauge. It works smooth as silk on a laptop, but is very  slow and jerky on an iPad.

If you DON'T see these problems, please tell me what iOS version you are on, what browser you are using, and if you can run a speedtest, it would be helpful to know what your internet download speed is.