Ipad Doesn't Play some slides that have audio...Please help!!

May 16, 2012

Audio playback on iPads,....Does anyone have same issues when they play back presntations they published on an ipad? I've tried to import Mp3's WAV files, and when i view on a desktop (Mac or PC) everything is perfect, but when I view it on my New iPad 2 some slides with audio play and some don't.. PLEASE HELP...

the weird thing is that when you refresh it and sometimes go to that slide it plays....

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Dante Vidal

I only have one audio track per slide, I did also try creating a trigger "play media slide 3 audio  - "slide 3 audio.mp3" when the timeline starts...  and still nothing... this is so frustrating.. it eliminates the purpose of having storyline HTML 5 export... most people will have audio on slides and they will also need to track them..

will get your book still.. I want to train my staff here...

Colin Harm

Hi Dante

Not sure if this will help or not, for about 6 months we have been chassing a problem which was showing in presenter and also story line. Some videos would have audio and some not, NOw when you have a vidoe with no audio (PC speakers) we found plugging headphones in gave audio. What we have just found is that for some reason some of our audio (all mono recordings recorded in stereo tracks) had a phase reversal on one channel. Some how in the encoding process the channels were mixing together and cancelling each other out. Plug in the headphones and you heard left and right channel fine (though one was reverse phase which is hard to tell with headphones). Our solution, prior to bring videos or audio into SL or presenter we remove the right channel and make dual mono from the left channel. This has fixed the problem for now.

Russell Still

Dante, yes, a number of significant issues with SL projects playing in Mobile Safari. If you must play in HTML5, projects have to be carefully designed from the beginning to work around limitations. Not a great situation, but that's the way it is for now.

And Colin, jeeze, what a nightmare. I can't imagine how difficult that would have been to figure out. Self cancelling stereo - what a concept!

Andrew Sellon

I had asked the same question, and received this very helpful reply from Dave Mozealous of Articulate.  Granted, it's not ideal that the user would always have to click the Next button, but it's something eLearning students are used to doing, and that iOS/Safari mobile learners will have to live with at least for now, as the issue is coming from Mobile Safari.  To Russ's point, the audio trigger can't be a timeline command--it has to be something the user manually initiates to trigger the one audio file for each slide.  And I imagine a slide that didn't play the audio one time yet did after a Resume is because Resuming at that slide became the first trigger, and the "missing" audio file then played properly on that slide (whereas the next slide after it, on an auto-advance, wouldn't play).  I don't have an iPad myself yet, but try Dave's suggestion and let us know how it works for you:

I saw the bug that you logged.  As a heads up, the issue is actually a “Feature” of Mobile Safari.  Mobile Safari doesn’t allow audio to play that is non-user initiated.  The audio plays on slide 1 because you click the “Play” button on the first slide, but it doesn’t play on slide 2 because you are automatically advancing to slide 2.  You can get around this by setting the slide not to advance automatically, this will make the user click the next button, which will then play the audio.


As a heads up, you can see a breakdown of the HTML5/iOS app/Flash players of our content here that highlights some of the limitations of Mobile Safari:


Dante Vidal

Thank you so much for this very helpful tip... So i finally got it to work, considering the limitaions of mobile safari.... I did the following:

  1. Removed all the "NEXT" Buttons from all the slides (needed to do thsbecause this has to be seen in its entirely to be credited, i want the users to have to see the whole presentation....anyway...
  2. Under "STORY VIEW" I made the slides to be advanced by USER
  3. Created a "Button" and trigger it to advance to the next slide, but i made the button appear after the audio was finished...
  4. Works great!!!
Jamie Morgan

Good to hear Dante. Just an FYI, a lot of the quirks you see with HTML5 has nothing to do with Articulate. HTML5 is still a fairly new concept and different browsers support it at varying levels currently. In fact, you'll get a completely different experience playing a course in Safari than you might in another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

I know HTML5 is exciting but the lack of consistency amongst the browsers can make it a bit of a challenge to use.

Dante Vidal

Tell me about it... HTML 5 is great and all, but it only exists because of APPLE IOS devices... I had to rebuild my website just becasue it was all in flash and now in the new era allot of people feel that you are not up to date if your site can not be view by an iphone, ipad... etc...Flash has been around for over 10 years now and we need to be patient and give HTML 5 or 6,7,8 a chance...

Thank you All for all the help again!  now Ihave to figure something else out... how  users can go back to a prevous slide and the audio to work again... so far no luck... tried a button..will play around with it...


Cho Phillips

Hi guys,

Old post I see, but recently I have been having the similar issue with audio not playing within the Articulate Mobile Player (using my iPad, of course).

The issue is with a video (I believe it was either an flv or swf prior to publishing) that plays as soon as the curriculum loads, but from there the audio doesn't make a sound (unless you have headphones plugged in). I thought maybe it was the iPad itself, but other audio plays fine from the music and other apps on the device. Also, the content works fine in all the other published formats (the flash and html5 versions).

I think it can be isolated down to the Articulate Mobile Player itself, but since there are no updates and no forums for it I am left perplexed at this moment. Please help.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Frank, 

What iOS are you using and what version of the iPad? I'm on an iPad mini with iOS7 if you'd like me to test it too. 

There was a user in this thread, who reported a similar issue with iOS6, although I wasn't able to replicate it nor was my colleague who had iOS6, we still shared it with our QA team. 

Cho Phillips

Sure. Ok so my iOS is the latest updated 7.1 and I am using an iPad model MD420LL/A.

The issues I face are kinda backwards from all the posts I have been coming across, as I have difficulty with the Articulate Mobile Player version of the course, not the flash or html5 version (even when viewing it from the iPad - html5 works fine).

Is there a way I can send a link your way without making it public? It is a full, pay-to-use course, after all

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