ipad issue with scaling storyline in iframes

Aug 01, 2013

Hi, it seems that storyline objects have issues when loaded in iframes and displayed on ipad. In this screenshot the red rectangle is the iframe, the green one is the calculated object size:

The problem seems similar to this one already reported in the forum: http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/25975/142702.aspx#142702

It happens only on ipads, while on pc everything displays well. In the same scorm player other objects created with lectora and ispring display fine also on ipads.

After lots of testing it seems that the problem may be solved with some modifications to the file mobile/storyline_compiled.js

Could you please provide a non compiled version of the file, so our developers can try to fix it, or get in touch with us for further details on the issue?

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Flora Ellis


Were there any updates to this? We are having the same issue with scaling, it also does other odd things on iPad such as shrink the slide to the size of a postage stamp and jump wildly around the screen, repeat voiceovers, not play interactions. We cant play in Articulate player as we need to track and all our users are on iPad so wev'e got a major issue with it. Any suggestions would be welcome,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Flora,

Our team is still working on this issue of content displaying in the iFrame not scaling correctly while viewed on the iPad, but as every LMS is different - it's also worth checking in with your LMS team to see if there is a way to turn this off. I'm more concerned with the other elements you mentioned like it shrinking to the size of a postage stamp and jumping around the screen! Have you tested this outside your LMS on a site such as SCORM Cloud, which is an industry standard for testing SCORM Content?

If you're able to recreate the other behaviors there, we'll want to take a look at your .story file to do some additional testing. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zsolt and Julian (welcome to Heroes Julian!),

Thanks for sharing that solution here - and it looks like some of the code you changed did not come through? Our team is looking into the issues with the iframe, and it's also worth investigating on the side of the LMS in the meantime. We'll keep threads such as this one updated with any further information once it's available. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Fadzil!

This thread is a bit dated, but here is some updated information from our team:

When you embed a published course in an iFrame, the iFrame takes control of the content's placement. Depending on how the iFrame behaves, content might appear to be misaligned, cut off, or even have scroll bars. If you experience these symptoms, please contact your server administrator for assistance.

Some learning management systems (LMSs) display content in an iFrame by default. If your content is misaligned or truncated in the LMS iFrame, please contact your LMS provider for support.

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