Launching Storyline on an iPad using SAP (LSO) LMS

Sep 25, 2013

Does anyone have experience or advice using Storyline with the SAP (LSO) LMS and viewing the content on an iPad? I am not sure if this is a storyline issue, or an issue with our LMS and iPads in general so I would appreciate any input.

My Storyline content seems to function fine with our LMS when viewed on a computer. However, when I try to view it on my iPad it does not trigger the Mobile Player app (I did double check that I selected that option when publishing) and causes several different issues. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Richelle and welcome to Heroes!

I'm not familiar with that LMS, but if it doesn't support Tin Can API, you may not be able to use the AMP. This article details how Storyline will determine which version to open (HTML5, AMP, etc.) and has some additional information at the bottom about using it with your LMS, if you don't need to track it.

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