iPad - lightbox resizing?

Jun 03, 2013

So I've created a custom sized story, with a resolution to match the retina iPad. Everything looks great in my main scene/slides.

However I'm having an issue with lightboxed slides. When I push to these, they do not scale properly, and seem to bleed quite far past the visible window. This effectively means there is no way to close them out and return to the prior slide.

Any advice/thoughts?



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Paul O'Hara


We are having the same issue with lightbox scaling. We are having to publish courses 2040x1000 in order for the fonts to be readable (and not jagged) in HTML5, but when we do the lightboxes appear so huge you can't escape from them. 

Can you please create a fix so the lightbox scales to the browser/player size correctly.

Thank you


Harri S

Hi All,

I have always had issues with lightboxes resizing incorrectly in HTML5 when viewed on Ipads when using custom and standard story sizes. 

To work around this issue I often create 'fake' lightboxes i.e normal slides that are designed to look like a lightbox. Not sure how viable this would be for your project but it might help in the future.

You could also submit a support case and see if the tech guys can resolve the issue.

Hope this helps

Paul O'Hara

Thanks Harri, we could fake it but seems to defy the point in having them then really, which is a shame as they do have some good uses. We have made an 'invisible' player frame with no built in menu etc, as we plan on custom building the menu using a lightbox (but now can't due to this issue).

I'll submit a support case.

Kelly Taylor

I realise this issue is now over three years old, but we are also experiencing the same issue. 
HTML5 upload but occurring in Articulate Review testing as well as our scorm files. 
We have not created any custom sizing for these lightboxes and it does not seem to appear in every instance.
Just wondering if anyone ended up finding a resolution?
I am going to temporarily remove the lightboxes and replace with layers where 100% essential as a work around, but this defeats the purpose of lighboxing in the first instance.

I'll also email support for further assistamce

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kelly,

You mention Articulate Review, so I assume you are experiencing this error in Storyline 360.

This thread is a bit older and would not be applicable to Storyline 360, but we are aware of an issue where the lightbox slide is displaying incorrectly when the player is set to scale to fill browser window. Does that sound like what you are experiencing as well?

If so, I'll add this thread to the report as we track user impact and we can update you here when we can.

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