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Hi all

I have recently published a project using iPad player. I note that the player options are apparently not customizable. Is this fixed or is there a way around this?

An example. I publish with player options giving me a particular background colour and font, with a right justified menu and a volume control on the player. The html5 output viewed on a PC shows these options, however the iPad player app imposes its own style, which is essentially dark grey background, no volume control and a left justified menu. Is there any way to change this?

thx in advance, Anthony

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anthony hoswell

Hi Ashley

thanks for your reply. I had forgotten about that list! On a seperate note though, is there a way around the "jump to file" feature? I want to have the ability to link to seperate PDF files which contain additional teaching material from within Storyline. It seems to be able to link to external url's but not to files. Is there an alternative method?

thx, Anthony

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Anthony,

Within the mobile player set up, there isn't a way around the Jump to file trigger. If you're able to load the files onto a website, you could then pull that URL to use to link to the files. If you don't have a website to load files onto, you may want to look into using a service such as Dropbox which has a Public folder where you can generate links to share with others and download resources.