iPad Zoom Picture Question

Sep 19, 2012

Hi Fellow Storyline developers!

Here's my question. I have taken some image captures from a PDF file and saved the images as .png files.  The images are upto 1500 x 1700 pixels in size. I import them into storyline, resize them, and click on the zoom picture icon on the format menu. This places the little magnifying glass at the bottom right of each picture.

When I preview or view on my pc these images zoom  to span(either vertical or horizontal depending on the image) the entire player window. However, on the iPad the images zoom somewhat differently.

#1. They do not zoom as much, ie. they do not fill either the vertical or horizontal  distance

#2. Since they do not zoom to the max they tend to zoom at odd locations. They generally zoom where you would think. But some touch the upper or lower  limits of the iPad window while others do not.

I would like to have these images zoom as large as possible on the iPad.

Does this have anything to do with the number of pixels that are displayed on the iPad or am I doing anything wrong?

Thanks for your help.


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