Is it possible to change the size of the text in a text entry box?

Jun 16, 2016

I need the text in the text entry box to match the font on the rest of the slide. Is this possible?

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Alison Coops

I don't understand. For example, I have text entry boxes on a slide with the word "Describe" instead of "Type your text here". It looks fine on the slide, but when I publish it, the text is larger so that it says "Descri" then it has half of the "b" which makes it look like something else. Are you saying I could select the text entry box, select a different font size, and it should fit when I publish it?


Crystal Horn

Hi Alison, thanks for sharing your .story file.  I noticed a difference between the HTML5 output and the Flash output.

In Flash output, the instruction text was shrinking to fit inside the text entry box as is specified in that formatting window:

In HTML5 output, it was not.  The text was overflowing the field.  When I looked at the font sizes, I saw that the instruction text was set to size 14, but it was displaying on the slide stage at 12 (shrinking).  When I changed the format to "Do not autofit," the text resized on the slide.

In the first field (Mouth), I changed the size of the text to 11, and "Describe" fit better in the field.  Like Ashley mentioned, however, the font of the learner's input will default to what is installed on their system.  Once they start typing, it may appear differently.

I'm going to document and explore why the HTML5 output doesn't respect the "shrink" formatting since the Flash output does.  Thanks for pointing out this behavior, and I'll keep you updated with any changes.

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