Multiple variables possible in a text entry box?

Oct 28, 2020

Is it possible to use multiple variables in a text entry box?

The other discussions I found on this topic encouraged the user to use a text box instead, but we need to allow the user to edit their responses in the text entry box. We would prefer to have one box rather than a separate one for each editable response. 

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Walt Hamilton

If what you are asking is to have the learner type in  something like




all in one box, with each of them going into a different variable, and then come back and be able to change each one later, you could try something like this.

There are problems with it: The prompt disappears when something is typed in, If any entry is too long, it expands, and covers the next one lower, and the bounding box won't expand to fit the text.


Cris Waller

That’s not quite what we are looking to do. The variables will already be filled in before they are placed in the text entry box. This is a simulated conversation, and the variables are the responses that the learner has chosen so far. We would like to have the whole conversation in one text entry box so that the learner can edit it as needed and then print it.

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