Is it possible to display a layer from one slide on another slide?

This code below is as close to what I hope to do as I could find in the forum archives. It calls the targeted layer on another slide, but has to jump to the other slide to display it. Is it possible in SL2 to display the remote layer within the slide you are calling it from? Appreciate any help - thanks.


One approach would be to set it up like this:

Create a True/False variable with a default value of 'False.' Let's name it "ShowLayerOnSlide2"
On Slide 1 create a button.
Add this trigger: Adjust Variable > ShowLayerOnSlide2 > to True > When user clicks.
Add  another trigger to the button: Jumps To Slide 2 when user clicks.
NOTE: Make sure the above two triggers are in that order. You want the variable to change prior to jumping to the next slide.
On Slide 2 add a Layer - Layer 1
On the base slide of Slide 2 add a Slide Trigger: Show Layer 1 > When Timeline Starts > IF > ShowLayerOnSlide2 = True


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