Is it possible to make a slide with no specific end time? (Unlimited time)

Sep 28, 2016

I have a slide that links to external resources that may take my learners a while to look through. On the same slide, I have some exit animations (fade out) that I want to animate when the learner finally does want to move onto the next slide (but not before). 

As it is right now, I can set the slide length to be very long (10 minutes or more). Doing this will allow most learners to browse around for a bit before coming back and proceeding and seeing the animation. However, for those who really go for a digital walkabout through the resources (or step away from their desk for a while), the slide hits the end of its length, the animations kick off, and they come back to a blank slide. 

Possible solutions:
1. Can I set the slide length to infinite minutes?

2. Is there a way to set a very large number of minutes (20 or more) without just tediously dragging the slide length timer forever?

3. Is there a way to just have the animations just live in a trigger? (Click the next button, the animation happens, then the slide forwards) Then slide length wouldn't matter. 

4. Any other options?

Thank you!

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Walt Hamilton

Come up to the point of just before the timeline ends, and set a trigger: Pause timeline when timeline reaches (time - .1 sec). When the user is ready to advance, they click: Resume timeline when user clicks.  You may need to adjust the time when the timeline pauses to allow time enough for the exit animation to complete.

Whenever I send users to external sites, I invoke a layer that pauses the timeline. It tells where they are going, what to expect, instructions if necessary, and provides the option to go to the site, or resume the course. Resuming hides the layer and restarts the timeline.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Carla,

There isn't an infinite timeline element - that could be a lot! As far as 20 minutes, you'd likely have to drag it, or an easier way would be to insert an audio or media element that is that long in general and the timeline will automatically extend. You can then remove it, and the timeline stays at that length. A quirk of Storyline that a lot of folks have asked to be changed but in your case it'll work out for extending the timeline.

No way to keep the animations within a trigger, although interesting idea and worth sharing in the form of a feature request. 

Asami Saito

Hi! I think I found a fix for this. Go to the gear icon at the bottom right of the screen under slide layers, when you hover over it it should be labeled "Edit properties for selected layer". It'll pull up a menu titled "Slide Properties". From there use the drop down menu for "Slide advances" and select "by user". That worked for me! Attached is a screen capture of the menu highlighted with the steps to take.

I think it's really useful to have no time limit for slides so learners can take the course at whatever pace they want.