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Dec 10, 2015


I have searched through the forums and seen numerous discussions around the topic of the buttons that appear on the review slide.  My simple scenario is that I want to control where the previous and next buttons go on the review slide.

The normal quiz at the end of the course works just fine but at the end of each section I include 1-3 review questions that are not graded. I addressed the issue of the Next button on the last question in a scene not doing anything by adding a dummy slide for .25 of a second that automatically advances to the next section. The first slide of the next scene I set to go back to the Knowledge check and not previous slide.

For the previous button this is a very different scenario. If I click on the previous button it will jump to the last slide selected in the navigation pane regardless whether this slide is before or after the question slide i.e. anywhere in the course. It reminds me of the 'Go to last channel selected' on my TV remote control.

I have inherited almost 30 courses ranging from 20 minutes to 90 minutes in length with literally hundreds of these knowledge checks. I don't have the resources in time or people to go and create custom navigation for each of these. Is there a simple trigger, trick or doodad that I have not seen that I can utilize to make this work as it should, having the Previous button go to the Previous slide.


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TegOldAccount Griffiths

So here is the slimmed down version without audio and a lot of the slides. However, you will be able to see the issue I am trying to resolve.

At the end of each section there are Knowledge Checks, once a knowledge check has been completed and we revisit them, the Previous and Next buttons appear. Now if there are two knowledge checks at the end of a section and I return to the first and I click the Next button it navigates to the second. If I click Next on the second of the knowledge checks normally nothing happens but in this example I have added a dummy slide so that it does work (simple solution).

Now the behavior of the Previous button is a lot more random. Say I am currently at the overview of Section 3 and I go back to the second knowledge check at the end of Section 1 (by clicking in the navigation pane). If I click the Previous button I would expect to go to the first knowledge check at the end of Section 1 but instead I am taken back to the overview of Section 3 i.e. the behavior of the previous button acts like a go to the last channel I selected regardless of whether it is forward or backward.

I would like the Previous button on the Knowledge Check to act like any other Previous button by taking me to the previous slide (or as in some cases to a specific slide).

I hope this makes sense.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Teg -- I was able to take a look at your file and I encountered the behavior you described. I would actually like to have our Support Engineers take a closer look for you, so I will be creating/submitting a support case for you momentarily. You will be hearing from a member of that staff via the email address we have on file for you after they have had the opportunity to review your case. Thanks again for your patience, and I plan to follow along with their progress.  

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