Problem with slide lengths changing on their own

Dec 11, 2012

I'm working on an e-learning and have run into a strange problem: the slides are adding length to themselves. For example, the audio is 50 seconds, and the images and text are set up to enter and exit the view at specific times, some set to the end of the slide, some before. Suddenly the slide has become 1.5 minutes long, some of the timing has lengthened, the synching is off (e.g., and object that was supposed to come in on the 4th cue is suddenly coming in earlier or later in the program.

It's also very hard to change the length of the slide using the bar at the end. Sometimes I have to manually shorten all the object times before I can move the end-of-slide line back to shorten the length. And even after fixing it, I can come back later and find it has again changed.

What's going on? Is there some setting I missed, or something I did that created this nightmare (I spent HOURS last night trying to get this resolved), or is this a glitch in the software?

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El Burgaluva

Yep, having the same problem, Carla.

There is an issue where if you copy across an object with a long timeline from one slide, it will apply it to the destination slide. That's not a bug so perhaps just check that first.

However, I'm also experiencing this mysterious 150-second timeline issue (i.e. without having copied objects from one slide to another).

Sorry I can't help you actually solve the problem! :(   More of a +1 on your comment for Support.


Clashing Dragon


I have a situation which is not exactly the same but its bit similar with the timeline, I have a slide which is around 3-5 minutes. The slide have audio and few pictures with animation. I set the slide to user click to the next button to move to the next slide. However, when I play the slide or rather preview it the trigger doesnt work. The slide automatically moves the timeline to the next slide and doesnt consider the trigger. I tried to change the timeline by checking each objects to "Show until end". The strange part is the slide just moves and after certain time and doesnt consider the user click trigger. Please suggest.


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