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Greg Faust

Am I understanding correctly that you have a picture of a person (without a frame), and you need to apply a circle frame to it?

Personally, I'd do that in GIMP. If I didn't already know how to do it in GIMP, though, it would probably be faster to do it with shapes in Storyline.

For that kind of frame, I'd start on the outside (bottom object) and work my way in:

Grey Square (bottom)

Donut with a Shadow effect

Circle with no border. Right-click-> Format Shape -> Fill -> Picture or Texture Fill -> Insert from: File (insert your photo file. Depending on how the positioning looks, you may have to crop the photo with your photo-cropping software of choice). (top)

Meryem M

Here you go, Bo.

  • First copy the image to to my clipboard.
  • Paste it into Storyline.
  • insert a circle at the same dimensions as your avatar (91x91).
  • Right-click on the circle and choose Format Shape
  • Choose Fill. Choose Picture or Texture
  • Click on Line Color and Shadow to apply a white line and shadow.

All done in Storyline.

Bo Toennesen

To Greg

I have installet GIMP in a danish version. It is a great program. Her is my first try with a background and cirkel make as shape in AS and save save as picure as PNG.

And in GIMP I make the last ting - It is a good way to try if I need som more changes with the picture then AS have.

I come back when I have try the other ways in AS